Safeguarding Your Teeth: Choosing between Custom and Non-Custom Night Guards

by Support Remi November 28, 2023 7 min read

Safeguarding Your Teeth: Choosing between Custom and Non-Custom Night Guards

Are you dealing with teeth grinding or clenching? If so, night guards can be a great way to take extra care of your dental health. There are two types of night guards available: custom and non-custom. Custom night guards are tailor-made according to the unique shape of your mouth while generic ones come in predetermined sizes but don't offer quite as much protection. In this blog post, we will look at the differences between these two options, their benefits, and which one is best for you when it comes to oral health requirements. So what exactly sets apart custom from non-custom guards? Well, let's begin by looking at some important points about each type.

Talking about Custom Guards for Teeth Protection

At first thought, most people associate night guards with the traditional boil-and-bite version available at any drugstore. While generally inexpensive, these don't provide much protection and only cover your front teeth requiring less attention. On the other hand, custom guards fabricated by a licensed dentist or orthodontist are designed to fit your exact mouth shape for maximum coverage. However, they can range anywhere from several hundred dollars up to $1000 depending on what material is selected. Does cost really matter when it comes to protecting our smiles?

Custom guards offer the most trustworthy protection from grinding and clenching since they are designed uniquely for your teeth. Furthermore, they last longer than standard boil-and-bite night guards as they are composed of mightier materials like acrylic or hard plastic. Moreover, you don't need to bother about them fitting poorly due to improper molding of your mouth after a few uses as custom guard provides an accurate shape that fits in just right when it comes to comfort and reliability. If you opt for a custom guard, then make sure that the provider should have a reputation for providing accuracy & comfort simultaneously. Otherwise, there’s a risk of getting an inferior quality product which may not be able to defend your teeth efficiently.

The Perks of Non-Custom Guards for Dental Care

When it comes to dental care, investing in a non-custom night guard is one of the best decisions you can make for your mouth. This kind of night guard isn't what usually pops into our minds when we hear the term “night guard”. They are known as off-the-shelf products because no special visits to the dentist are required. Basically, these guards have already been designed and molded so that maximum comfort and support would be guaranteed.

Non-custom guards offer a few major benefits that are worth considering compared to custom night guards. For starters, they're much cheaper than custom night guards by far! You don't need an extra visit to the dentist and you don't have to purchase any additional materials for them so this makes them way more cost-effective if your time or financial resources are scarce when it comes down to dental care. How great is that?

The fantastic thing about non-custom guards is that they tend to be more affordable than custom ones, so they can be changed much more often. This means if the guard starts looking worse from wear or gets damaged either through regular use or a particularly serious incident, you won't have to worry too much about your wallet when it comes time to replace it. What's great here is that frequently replacing these guards can further ensure the protection and security of whatever needs guarding. Plus, who doesn't enjoy having something new every once in a while?

Another huge benefit of getting a non-custom night guard instead of the customized one is that they are much gentler on your gums. That's because these guards generally consist of soft materials like silicone or latex whereas hard acrylic custom options may cause pain if too much pressure is applied while wearing them. Plus, convenience-wise there’s no comparison, with pre-made mouthguards you don't need to wait for weeks after going through all those trips to the dentist and subsequent follow-up visits. You can simply choose from different sizes offered by pharmacies, drugstores, and online retailers without ever leaving home.

Key Differences between Custom and Non-Custom Guards

When it comes to protecting your teeth from bruxism, or teeth grinding, custom night guards and non-custom night guards are viable options. Both guards have many advantages. They guard against future damage by keeping the grind away and reduce stress on muscles and jaws which help you sleep soundly at night. There are several important distinctions between custom-made and non-customized night guards that may affect how comfortable they each fit in your mouth as well as their ability to effectively shield your teeth, which is what ultimately makes them worth looking into. The most significant divergence between a custom and non-custom nighttime protector is its size measurements.

Custom night guards are tailor-made to perfectly fit your teeth. Store-bought ones, on the other hand, may not provide a snug or even fit, which results in uncomfortable pressure points. To get around this issue you can visit your dentist who will take an impression of your teeth and then have it customized for you specifically by a lab that specializes in dental work. In addition to this custom solution, many night guards come with 'boil & bite' options. Here you actually form the initial shape yourself at home before sending it off for customization.

When it comes to buying a custom mouth guard, you need to be aware that many dentists offer expensive "precision-fitted" versions, which may not always be worth the extra money compared with regular fit ones. Research can help you quickly determine whether your dental lab could produce excellent customized products without needing detailed impressions of each individual tooth surface like those required for precision fitting.

In summary, if comfort is important when wearing a guard over long periods of time, then getting fitted by your dentist is probably the best option despite being more costly than store-bought guards, which usually range from $20-$120 depending on materials. In any case, this cost will still likely prove less than possible future repair bills should damage occur due to grinding, and no protection was used in advance either via generic or professional fittings. Have you ever thought about how much worse off would you have been had such investments not been made?

The Role of Night Guards in Oral Health

Having healthy teeth is an integral part of overall health and well-being. However, many people encounter dental issues caused by nighttime teeth grinding. A night guard acts as a protective barrier between the top and bottom row of your teeth that prevents the damage brought on by bruxism, which is often identified as the clenching or grinding you do while sleeping. Bruxism affects up to 10% of all individuals with 80 percent experiencing extreme cases of it.

As a night guard, you can help relieve the tension in your jaw and reduce teeth grinding. There are two options to choose from custom-fitted or boil-and-bite versions. Your dentist will make an impression of your mouth in order for them to be made in a dental laboratory if you go with the former option, which is also more expensive but provides greater protection due to its secure fit and cushioning effect compared to what over-the-counter alternatives offer. Considering which type of night guard to purchase comes with a few factors you need to take into account. Non-custom night guards can be boiled in water for several minutes, which softens the plastic material and makes it possible for you to put it in your mouth and bite down on, forming around your teeth. It's reusable multiple times but needs replacing over time as its fit won't stay as secure after repeated uses. Wondering why that happens? Over time, the shape of our teeth changes even slightly, leading non-custom night guards to become less effective at protecting them from grinding or clenching during sleep.

To begin with, before you decide to use a non-custom guard, it’s important that you get your dentist’s opinion first. Non-custom guards usually offer basic protection and are not suitable for those who suffer from extreme grinding of teeth during sleep. Nevertheless, if the condition isn't very serious or only happens occasionally, then a non-custom night guard may work for you. Furthermore, consider cost as an issue. This type would probably be your best bet since they're way cheaper than custom ones. In conclusion, maximum defense against tooth wear caused by bruxism requires an investment in a custom night guard. Although more costly at first glance, they will last longer so might prove useful long-term especially when dealing with chronic symptoms of bruxism or using oral hygiene products such as whitening strips regularly for aesthetic purposes.

How to Choose the Right Night Guard for You

Deciding on a night guard can be pretty perplexing. Should you buy one specially fitted to your teeth or is the off-the-shelf version enough? The answer relies upon how much protection and coziness you want from it. Custom mouthguards will give more effective safety for your pearly whites than non-custom ones, but they cost extra money too. Non-custom choices may not fit as accurately yet are often good enough for most people, but unfortunately in some cases, they might cause discomfort in either jaw or neck areas.

To make the right decision between custom and non-custom night guards, think about these issues. Do you have an unusual bite pattern? If so, it’s suggested to go for a custom device as they guarantee keeping your teeth in correct alignment when you put them on. Additionally, the customized guards can also help reduce clenching of the jaw or grinding while sleeping. How often are you going to use them? People who heavily grind their pearly whites during sleep might need to change their night guard more frequently than those without such habits do. In terms of durability too, it's better to buy something tailor-made as they may last longer compared to standard devices available on market shelves. Finally, how much comfort do you want from using one?

When it comes to night guards, non-custom options may not always be as comfortable and could cause jaw pain if they don't fit correctly because of their lack of consideration for your natural teeth arrangement. Knowing what you need is an important factor when considering which type might best suit you - maximum comfort or just basic protection. Custom-made guards offer superior protection and comfort since they are designed specifically with the shape of your mouth in mind. It all depends on whether occasional teeth grinding causes any major discomfort. If not, store-bought versions may do the job without too much hassle, but that's a matter of personal preference along with budgeting considerations.

In conclusion, custom night guards offer a much higher level of protection for your mouth and teeth than non-custom night guards. This makes them an essential part of any good dental care plan or oral hygiene routine. What's more, the comfort and fit that you get from having one specifically made just for you make investing in a custom guard well worth it to ensure that your precious chompers don't come under threat!

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