How to Prevent Teeth Damage from Grinding

by Oscar Adelman January 14, 2022 4 min read

How to Prevent Teeth Damage from Grinding

The eyes, according to some, are the window to a person's soul. But if you truly want to understand what someone is about, look at their grin. A gleaming set of pearly whites makes a favorable first impression, while cracked, chipped, and generally damaged teeth can be a significant source of insecurity.

If you're one of the many people who suffer from teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, then you know that it's more than just an aesthetic issue – it can lead to serious damage if left untreated.

In this post, we'll explore four unfavorable side effects of Bruxism, what to do about teeth damage from grinding, and give you some preventative tips that will help keep your smile safe.

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4 Unfavorable Side Effects of Bruxism

Bruxism is more than just an annoyance – it can lead to some serious health problems if left unchecked. Here are four of the most common side effects of teeth grinding:

#1 Tooth Damage

The force with which you grind your teeth can cause them to chip, crack, and even break. One of the first indications of Bruxism is enamel erosion. When you frequently clench with strong force, you wear down the surface of your teeth and the enamel that covers them, leading to tooth sensitivity and an increased risk of tooth decay.

This not only looks bad, but it can also cause your teeth to become damaged, which is very uncomfortable. Moreover, you may even find that you have a hard time biting into certain foods, and that your teeth are more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

#2 Gum Recession

When you grind your teeth, it puts a lot of stress on the supporting gum tissue. This can cause the gums to recede, exposing more of the tooth's root surface. Not only is this unsightly, but it also makes your teeth more susceptible to decay and infection.

In severe cases, gum recession can even lead to tooth loss. However, there are treatments available that will help to protect your teeth and keep the gums healthy.

#3 Jaw Disorders

People who suffer from Bruxism often have a more challenging time opening their mouths, leading to muscle strain and tension. In extreme cases of teeth grinding, this tension reaches the point where it causes one or both sides of your jaw to become misaligned. This is known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), and it can lead to:

  • earaches and jaw, neck, and shoulder pain
  • headaches and migraines
  • problems with chewing
  • chronic facial pain 

If you experience any of these symptoms, it's important to see a medical professional. There are treatments available that can help relieve the tension in your jaw and correct the alignment of your teeth.

#4 Plain Old Pain

Woman with Tooth Pain | Shop Remi for Custom Night Guards to Prevent Tooth Pain

Aside from the health conditions mentioned above, teeth grinding can also be a general source of pain. For example, you may find that your jaw aches when you wake up in the morning or you have a headache after using your teeth for an extended period. This is because Bruxism puts a lot of stress on the muscles in your jaw, leading to soreness and tension.

What are Teeth Grinding Treatment Options?

Once you've determined that you suffer from teeth grinding, the next step is to seek treatment. Several options are available, depending on the severity of your condition and how long you've been grinding your teeth.

The most common treatments are:

  • Dental Crowns -A dental crown is a cap that is placed over the damaged tooth to restore its shape and strength. It is a standard treatment for teeth that have been cracked or broken as a result of Bruxism, and can also be used to prevent further damage.
  • Porcelain Veneers - If your teeth are severely discolored or damaged by grinding, porcelain veneers may be the answer. These thin shells of tooth-colored material are placed over the front surface of each tooth in order to give them a uniform appearance and protect against future grinding.
  • Dental Bonding -If your teeth have become chipped or nicked due to Bruxism, dental bonding can be used to restore them back to their original shape and size. Dental bonding is a simple procedure that requires just an hour for each tooth – but it should be considered only if the damage is relatively minor.
  • Teeth Grinding Guards - One of the best ways to prevent further damage from teeth grinding is to wear a teeth grinding night guard while you sleep. A mouth guard for grinding teeth is a custom-made oral appliance that fits over your teeth and helps to keep them in alignment. It can be very effective in preventing pain, jaw disorders, and other health problems associated with teeth grinding.
Nightguards on a bathroom sink | night time tooth grinding

Shop Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth With Remi 

Here at Remi, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with Bruxism, so we've made our products as comfortable and affordable as possible. You don't have to suffer from the pain and discomfort associated with teeth grinding, and we don't want you to have to pay a fortune for relief.

The benefits of our teeth grinding night guard include:

  • A custom fit that is designed to your unique specifications
  • Durable construction that will last for years
  • Comfortable materials that will not cause irritation or discomfort
  • Affordable prices that won't break the bank

    Ready to get started? Here's how it works:

      • Create your impressions -Our kit makes it easy to take an impression in less than 10 minutes, and has two sets of everything in case you need a redo.
      • Send them back to us -Return your impressions in our prepaid box. We'll take it from there.

      • Receive your Remi Guards -Sleep better with your top and bottom custom Remi night guards, designed for perfect comfort. Your teeth will thank you. This is the best way to prevent teeth damage from grinding.

    Shop for the best night guard for teeth grinding right here at Remi today!
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      To learn more about how to prevent teeth damage,  read this informative article.

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