Can Night Guards Change Your Bite?

by Support Remi May 23, 2022 5 min read

Can Night Guards Change Your Bite

Regardless of the cause, wearing a night guard can be beneficial for your health. A properly fitted custom guard can support your mouth's natural alignment. Improperly fitting guards may shift your teeth and cause problems such as TMJ.Over-the-counter night guards, also known as boil and bite nightguards, do not fit everyone's mouth. Because they're made of a standard size, they tend to not fit people with unusually-shaped teeth. They may also not account for missing teeth.Over-the-counter night guards may also shift your teeth. 

While boil and bite night guards are cheap and easy to use, custom-fitted night guards offer more benefits. Unlike store-bought versions, custom-fitted night guards can last far longer if cared for properly.  You can find boil and bite night guards at local drugstores for a low cost but are not recommended for most people.

Properly fitted night guards support healthy alignment in your mouth

A properly fitted night guard is crucial to maintaining proper alignment of your teeth while you sleep. An ill-fitted night guard can make your jaw misalign, which can exacerbate bruxism symptoms. A properly fitted night guard can help your teeth stay in a more healthy alignment, prevent gum damage, and last for longer than a generic one. 

When used for long periods of time, properly fitted night guards can help improve your sleep and help prevent TMJD. They are designed to fit your mouth and are significantly less expensive than a generic one. Besides being much more comfortable than a typical drugstore guard, a properly fitted night guard can help protect your teeth from wear and tear and help keep your jaw in a healthy alignment while you sleep.

While wearing a custom-fitted night guard can help prevent bruxism, it is not enough to wear one. The same is true for clenching your jaw during the night. This habit can lead to more serious issues, including temporomandibular joint dysfunction, headaches, and flattened teeth. Regardless of the cause of your bruxism, wearing a night guard will help you maintain a healthy alignment of your teeth and your jaw during the night.

A night guard serves three critical functions: dissipating bite force, reducing pressure on tooth structures, and training your jaw to adopt a healthier position while you sleep. A healthy oral posture involves teeth that are slightly apart. Properly fitted night guards can also prevent gradual tooth shifting. A night guard fitted properly can prevent teeth from separating as you sleep. 

Can Night Guards Change your bite?

Improperly fitted non-custom night guards can cause TMJ problems

Incorrectly fitting non-custom night guards can aggravate TMJ problems. TMJ refers to a disorder of the jaw joint, a joint made up of complex muscles, joint pads, and tendons. While stress and tension in the jaw are known to cause TMJ, the symptoms of this disorder are often aggravated by improperly fitted night guards. People who experience TMJ symptoms often grind their teeth at night.

The best night guards are custom made and fit to the mouth precisely. These devices keep your teeth from coming together, protecting them from the pressures of grinding. In addition to preventing TMJ symptoms, they also keep the muscles in the jaw lax, easing aches and pains. If you're in need of a night guard, use an online service such as Remi to purchase a custom-made one.

While night guards are important appliances, improperly fitted night guards can worsen your TMJ symptoms and cause headaches. Improperly fitted night guards can also lead to changes in your bite and additional jaw pain. An improperly fitting night guard can exacerbate TMJ problems. A properly fitted night guard can help alleviate symptoms while you sleep and protect your teeth. A custom made night guard customized for your mouth ensures the correct fit and avoids causing any damage.

Another possibility of an improperly fitted night guard is jaw alignment shifting. It is important to note that a night guard that is improperly fitted can shift teeth, worsening TMJ problems and leading to other issues. 

A custom-made night guard from Remi is much more affordable than buying one through a dental office and will fit your teeth perfectly. The Remi Custom-fitted night guards are made in our own dental lab and are specifically designed to prevent pain and discomfort. 

Over-the-counter night guards can shift your teeth

While the causes of bruxism are unknown, they are associated with stress, anxiety, crooked teeth, abnormal bite, and sleep apnea, which is a disorder of the breathing and airways. While there is no cure for bruxism, wearing a nightguard while sleeping may help reduce the symptoms of bruxism. But how can you tell if your nightguard is helping?

The most common cause of shifting teeth while sleeping is an improperly-fitting night guard. You should visit your medical professional if you notice any tooth shifts after wearing a night guard. If the shift continues, it's essential to wear your guard to prevent further damage. Over-the-counter night guards are not guaranteed to shift teeth, so make sure you choose one that fits properly to avoid tooth damage or get a custom fitting night guard online.

Another cause of shifting teeth is improperly-fitting night guards. One-size-fits-all mouth guards will not fit properly and may even shift your teeth. Custom-fit night guards will fit your mouth perfectly and reduce the risk of shifting your teeth. They will protect your teeth and jaw from unnecessary pressure, which may worsen the symptoms of TMJ or lead to more serious dental problems.

Over the counter night guards can cause more damage than good. And while some may be effective in treating bruxism in the short term, an over-the-counter night guard might not be the best option.

Over-the-counter night guards can also shift your teeth. If you don't get a custom-fit night guard, it may not fit well and may even shift your teeth. A custom-fit night guard is also more comfortable and won't shift your teeth. You should practice wearing the guard during the day to get used to it. A night guard can help you sleep better and prevent your teeth from shifting.

About Remi's Custom Made Night Guards

Custom Night Guards

We understand that you have many options when it comes to ordering a custom-made mouth guard online. These are just a few of the reasons why Remi is different from all others.

Our work is not outsourced. Each custom product is handcrafted by dental professionals in our lab right here in San Francisco, CA.

Every order comes with two guards, while all other options on the market either charge more for a second guard or do not offer it at all. This allows our customers to test both top and bottom guards - of if you already know your preference, you can let us know and then you’ll have a backup guard or one for travel!

We answer your calls at 1-800-234-1874. It is becoming less common to have a customer service number listed on a website. We feel it is essential that you can reach a real person.

Since 2019, Remi has been making custom night guards online. We have delivered thousands of custom-made night guards, teeth whitening kits, and other products to satisfied customers. 

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