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Custom Retainers

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Get new Custom Retainers for only $189 $59*

💰 80% savings compared to the dental office.

😄 Soft inside, hard outside for maximum comfort and protection.

👩‍⚕️ Dental-grade, BPA-free, high-quality plastic.

🇺🇸 Made by dental professionals in the USA.

🦷 Never take your teeth impressions again.

How To Get Your New Retainers:

1. Click the yellow 'Get Yours Now' button below.

2. Order your retainers for only $59.

3. Get your new retainers delivered to your door.

*Offer only available for existing Remi Single Retainer customers.
You will automatically get new retainers delivered to you every 6 months. New retainers will always be $59. You can pause, skip, or cancel anytime - no questions asked.

5 Reasons Why You Need New Retainers

1. Continue to keep your smile straight.

Retainers get worn down over time. Make sure you continue to protect your teeth from moving with a new set of retainers.

2. Save $130 on your new retainers. Every time.

Get this exclusive offer and lock in the price of $59 for your fresh retainers. Whenever you need new retainers, they will always only be $59.

3. Never take your impressions again.

By getting your new retainers today, we’ll continue saving your teeth impressions so you never need to retake them (unless you get dental work done and would like to retake your impressions).

4. Maintain your oral health.

Retainers are a breeding ground for bacteria that causes plaque, cavities, and bad breath. Changing your retainers often is important — just like changing your toothbrush.

5. Enjoy free shipping.

All you have to do is open your mailbox and voila! Your new retainers have arrived.

Continue to invest in protecting your smile — for just $59.

It’s important to change yourretainers often to keep your smile straight and protect your investment. With this exclusive offer, getting freshretainers has never been easier.

What Remi Customers Are Saying:

  • Very comfortable

    "So much better than the ones you get from the dentist! A perfect fit and I’m able to leave them in all night comfortably."


  • Perfect

    "I love them. I don't even realize that I have them in. They are very light weight and I like them better than the ones my dentist had made me. Plus they are cheaper and no dental visits necessary."

    Leslie F.

  • Amazing

    "So thin and so comfortable. I’ve been having the best sleep of my life"

    Chantel M.

  • These are the best I have used in over 25 years

    "I love them, they are light smaller than I'm used to so are more comfortable to wear"

    Robert G.

About Remi

After spending thousands of dollars on retainers from the dental office, I decided to start my own company that makes custom retainers for 80%less than the dental office.

Every single retainer is made by our team of highly-skilled dental professionals in our own dental lab based in San Francisco, California.

We're committed to providing you with custom retainers that are affordable and high quality to protect your smile.

- Oscar, founder of Remi

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the retainers really cost $59?

Yes! As an existing Remi customer, you can get an additional set of retainers through the Remi Club for only $59, whenever you need them.

Is there a catch?

No catch here! Order your new retainers today and automatically receive retainers every 6 months. If you don't want us to send you new retainers, just let us know by emailing support@shopremi.com

Are the night guards really custom fit?

Yes, our team of dental professionals in the USA will make sure your retainers are perfectly mapped to your teeth and bite-pattern, which means they will be comfortable to wear.

"Amazing quality, very easy to use & great fit!" -Crissi T.