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Guardian is excited to partner with Remi to provide great savings on affordable, convenient, and high-quality personal wellness options for Guardian employees!

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Get 26% OFF with code: GUARDIAN

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Night Guards

Do you clench your teeth, or grind them at night? Remi’s most popular product is the set of custom night guards, and will help protect your smile from grinding and clenching.

45-night perfect fit guarantee

Up to 80% less than at the dentist

Custom-fit and comfortable to wear

Easy at-home impressions


Get 26% OFF with code: GUARDIAN


Keep your smile straight with Remi’s comfortable retainers. The perfect alternative to buying one from your dentist: protect your investment from braces or aligners for a fraction of the price.

Protect your teeth alignment investment

Up to 80% less than at the dentist

Dental-grade, BPA-free materials

Easy at-home impressions


Get 26% OFF with code: GUARDIAN

Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t want a gleaming set of teeth when smiling for a picture? Now you can keep those pearly whites shiny!

Zero sensitivity formula for pain-free whitening

Affordable, at-home dentist alternative

Vegan and cruelty-free whitening formula

Apply to your night guards or retainers

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Save big on any of Remi’s accessories to maintain a bright, beautiful smile and keep your night guard, retainer, or even jewelry clean!

Ultrasonic Cleaning + Sanitizing Device

Cordless Water Flosser

Night Guard / Retainer Removal Tool

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Get 26% OFF with code: GUARDIAN

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"It’s amazing! Fit is great and easy to use and the cost is so much cheaper than the dentist!! If you grind your teeth at night you have to get one!!!" -Karen E.


Get 26% OFF with code: GUARDIAN