"Custom-fitted night guards from Remi are everything you've ever wanted in a night guard but probably thought you couldn't afford." - Health.com

Here are the 5 reasons why teeth grinders and clenchers are switching to Remi’s night guards

1. Sleep

Unlike others, Remi’s actually help you get a better night’s sleep, stop waking up with headaches or a sore jaw in the morning.

2. Comfort

They’re custom-fitted to your teeth. They’re so comfortable you won't feel like you're wearing night guards at night.

3. Affordable

Cost 80% less than at the dental office. They'll quote you around $500 for 1 night guard. With Remi you pay around $100 for 2.

4. Impressions

You can do it all from home — Order online, get your impression kit, take your impressions in under 10 minutes, send back your molds, and receive your fully custom night guards within days!

5. Quality

You can expect quality and durability... They're made in our own dental lab in San Francisco 🇺🇸 by our team of dental professionals.

Remi Custom Night Guards

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