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The science behind the Ultrasonic Cleaning & Sanitizing Device:
The Ultrasonic Cleaning & Sanitizing Device uses ultrasonic waves with a high frequency of 42,000 Hz to stimulate the solution and create millions of nano-sized bubbles. The bubbles expand rapidly and shrink, and release an enormous amount of energy. They are constantly scouring the plaque and are not abrasive to your night guards or jewelry. The process, referred to as cavitation, is a process that occurs approximately 4000 times per second which means that every surface and gap is constantly cleaned, which results in an extremely short, but thorough cleaning.

The precise frequency needed to achieve the ideal cavitation level is determined by the volume of water contained within the device as well as the dimension and materials of the oral device. Cleaning with ultrasonics is secure and reliable and has been extensively used in commercial, laboratory, industrial, and other areas for a long time.
What can the Ultrasonic Cleaning & Sanitizing Device clean?
The Ultrasonic Cleaning & Sanitizing Device was specifically developed by our dental lab researchers to clean a range of oral devices, including Remi custom night guards, clear aligners, retainers, and even dentures. It can also clean toothbrushes and jewelry.
Ultrasonic Cleaning & Sanitizing Device for Dental Health:
Ultrasonic Cleaning & Sanitizing Devices have been used in dental clinics for more than 70 years. At Remi, we have utilized the most reliable ultrasonic technology and developed it specifically for usage in the cleaning of dental appliances. Our Ultrasonic Cleaning & Sanitizing Device removes all gunk, plaque and dangerous bacteria off your night guards, clear aligners or retainers, while making sure there’s no harm to the shape or structure of them.

Water Flosser

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