7 Foods To Avoid When Your Jaw Aches

by Support Remi August 05, 2022 3 min read

7 Foods To Avoid When Your Jaw Aches

What foods should you avoid when your jaw is aching? The list of foods that cause jaw pain is long, and it is important to avoid foods that contribute to it. Caffeine, Sugar, and Chewy foods are all to blame. You also want to avoid sugary drinks and soft drinks, as these are notorious for causing jaw pain. But don't fret; there is help for jaw pain. Here are several foods to avoid to reduce jaw pain and restore normal function.

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1. Caffeine

If you have pain in your jaw, you should avoid habits that strain your jaw joints and muscles. Some of these habits include clenching or grinding teeth, chewing on objects, and pushing the tongue against teeth. In addition, you should also avoid habits that keep your jaw tenses, such as resting your jaw on your hand or a fist. Caffeine is one of the most common causes of jaw aches.

7 Foods To Avoid When Your Jaw Aches


2. Sugar

Sugar is another common contributor to jaw pain. Sugar can also irritate your gums, contributing to pain and inflammation. A study published in the American Journal of Cancer Nutrition found that excess sugar increases inflammation in the body. This inflammation causes pain in the jaw. If you want to reduce the pain, cut back on sugar. It is also important to make sure you brush your teeth well. If you do have pain, avoiding sugar is crucial to recovery. For more information, read Healthy Snacks Debunked. You should limit your sugar intake, especially if you have a toothache. In addition, sugary drinks and snacks are known for causing jaw pain.

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3. Chewy foods

To alleviate the pain in your jaw, try avoiding the foods that cause it to ache. Avoid chewy foods, including hard meats, taffy, gum, and processed carbohydrates. Also, avoid tobacco, alcohol, and corn oil.  If your jaw aches frequently, try to cut back or stop chewing gum. If you find that chewing hard foods does not relieve your jaw aches, it may be because these foods cause too much friction in the teeth and gums. To reduce the amount of friction in your mouth, try to avoid chewy foods that are high in sugar or starch. This includes candy, cookies, cake doughnuts, rice crispy treats, and other such treats. Instead, opt for healthy snacks like fruits or vegetables.

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4. Sugary drinks

You should avoid certain foods or drinks if you have been experiencing jaw pain. Sugary beverages, hard candy, and processed foods should be avoided. Sugary soft drinks, too, can trigger jaw pain. Also, gum, especially chewing on it, can cause jaw pain. Instead, choose chewy fruits and vegetables, such as melon, with low sugar content. If chewing gum doesn't cause jaw pain, try softened versions, such as mashed potatoes.

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5. Chewing on your fingernails

If you're one of the many people who bite their fingernails when their jaw aches, you're not alone. There are thousands of other people who also suffer from this habit. While it can be hard to stop,  there are ways to prevent it. Besides using bandages or gloves to protect your fingers, you can also use stickers to cover your fingernails. It may sound counterproductive, but the end result is a happier and healthier you.


Biting Nails | 7 Foods To Avoid When Your Jaw Aches

6. Gum

You may be experiencing joint pain in your jaw, and to minimize the discomfort, you should try to find healthy substitutes for the foods that aggravate your problem. Some of the best choices for your diet are foods with high moisture content, such as cooked vegetables, scrambled eggs, rice, or pasta. You can also opt for foods with skin, such as mashed potatoes or peeled apples. Avoid chewing gum frequently - it can cause pain in the jaw. 

chewing gum | 7 Foods To Avoid When Your Jaw Aches

7. Caffeinated drinks

If you suffer from TMJ disorder, you may wonder which drinks to cut back on. Caffeine is one of the top culprits. While it may have many beneficial effects, it is also associated with TMJ problems. The initial vasoconstricting effect of caffeine is harmful to the jaw, but caffeine's metabolization may relax the jaw muscles. Caffeine sensitivity varies among people.  If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should avoid drinks containing it.

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