What To Expect When You Get A New Night Guard

What To Expect When You Get A New Night Guard


Did you know that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic increased the rate of teeth grinding? Whether you just recently developed this condition in light of the anxiety-inducing global health crisis, or you have been living with it for as long as you remember, a custom night guard can help ease your situation.

However, some people may be reluctant to get a night guard for nighttime protection. Perhaps the thought of having an object in their mouth while they sleep causes more worry. We are here to alleviate any concerns by highlighting the potential benefits of investing in a night guard. Here’s a closer look at some of the things you can experience.

Reduced Snoring

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Snoring occurs because the tongue falls back and relaxes against the soft palate, which narrows the airway. As a result, you snore because of restricted airflow. Night guards can help hold your tongue in place, so it doesn’t fall back and block the airway, causing these annoying vibrations.

Since snoring is essentially a form of obstructed breathing, having a mouth guard that protects you against it can help you breathe easier when sleeping. Moreover, you can avoid the different health problems associated with long-term snoring, including stroke predisposition and heart attack risk.

You may wonder how adding an object to your mouth eliminates this problem. A new custom night guard fits snugly in your mouth, following its unique shape to ensure its effectiveness.

Fewer Headaches

Experts associate teeth grinding (bruxism) with headaches because of muscle tenderness — particularly tenderness that involves the temporalis muscle. When you grind your teeth in your sleep, you put pressure on your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is the hinge that connects your lower and upper jaw.

Wearing a night guard will help alleviate morning headaches associated with teeth grinders. These custom devices protect your teeth by providing a physical barrier between the upper and lower sets. As a result, you can avoid developing headaches after putting too much pressure on your TMJ.

Moreover, you can reduce the risk of developing more serious problems with your TMJ. For instance, you could develop a painful temporomandibular disorder affecting your jaw joint and muscles.

Sturdier Teeth

Consistent tooth grinding may split your teeth or fracture their filling because they come into direct contact with each other. With a night guard that eases nocturnal bruxism, you get a buffer between the upper and lower sets of teeth. You no longer have to worry about your teeth sustaining too much damage.

Consequently, you can avoid extensive and expensive dental work to fix cracked or chipped teeth. Depending on the damage, repairing a chipped tooth can cost up to one thousand dollars. Meanwhile, a custom Remi night guard costs under $50 for long-term protection.

As it turns out, a night guard is a great investment that helps maintain a pristine smile without the expensive dental bills. Consider this solution to keep your teeth strong without any complicated dental procedures.

Healthier Gums

Apart from protecting your teeth and helping them remain sturdy, mouth guards are essential tools for keeping your gums and jaw healthy. In particular, bruxism may cause gum recession, which is a gum disease that increases your chances of getting cavities. When your gums recede, your teeth’s roots become exposed and more sensitive.

Meanwhile, if you already have receding gums, night guards can help protect them from infection. With proper care and maintenance, these devices stop harmful bacteria from penetrating your gums and causing infections.

As bruxism affects your entire mouth — including your teeth, gums, and jaw muscles — you need the right device to support these parts. You can expect your night guard to improve your oral health in more ways than one.

Improved Sleep Quality

Overall, the best thing you can expect from getting a new custom night guard is better sleep quality. We already know that snoring can disrupt your sleep. Likewise, constantly grinding your teeth at night can cause headaches or unpleasant sounds when you move your jaw. These instances can reduce sleep quality and cause fatigue.

With a new night guard that’s customized to your unique mouth shape and teeth formation, you can equip yourself with an extra layer of protection. If grinding has been a constant issue you live with when sleeping, you can have something that helps you avoid the problems associated with bruxism for more restorative sleep.

Furthermore, you can avoid the health risks associated with sleep deprivation. In particular, lack of proper sleep can exacerbate anxiety disorders. If you developed anxiety from the pandemic, your condition would only get worse. Other diseases related to sleep deprivation are depression, impaired memory, and poor focus. Avoid all these risks by getting a night guard that promotes better sleep quality!

The Bottom Line


Getting a new night guard for your teeth is a cost-effective solution for tooth grinding. Bruxism can lead to a host of conditions that affect your sleep quality and overall health. With a night guard that protects your teeth from the associated conditions, you can enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.

Customization is an essential feature of an effective night guard since we all have unique cases. We are proud to offer customized night guards for your specific tooth-grinding situation. Having served over 65,000 customers, we are happy to help you. Shop now for your very own Remi night guard!



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