Custom Retainers For 80% Less Than The Dentist

Save time and money with custom retainers that are shipped to your door.

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Why Remi


Remi's retainers are thin and fit right to your teeth for maximum comfort, so you can sleep peacefully.


When you get a retainer from the dentist, they work with an external lab to get them made and then add a huge price markup. Not us. We cut out the middleman so you can save up to 80% on your custom retainers.


With Remi, you take your own teeth impressions at home. We send you your own impression kit and our how-to video shows you how to take your impressions in 5 minutes.

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Remi Custom Retainers

Save up to 80% on your custom retainers

  • Both top and bottom retainers are included in the reduced price.
  • Each retainer is custom-made by dental professionals to fit your mouth.
  • Get a new custom retainer delivered every six months for just $49 with the Remi Club.
  • 30-night money back guarantee.



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Us VS. Them


Traditional Retainers




Fully Custom



Your Time Required

10 min at home

2 trips to the dental office

Impressions Saved



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I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years trying to find a mouth guard that didn't bug me so much that I would pull it out in my sleep and never had any luck. I would always wake up in the morning with the mouth guard lying on the floor next to the bed. Remi is thin enough that I can hardly feel it on, and I can sleep through the night with it. My teeth thank you.

Laura B.

Wish I had known about this option sooner. My night guard is so thin and well fitting I forget it’s there. Excellent process, easy directions and aesthetic and eco packaging. Will recommend! Thank you!

Suzanne B.

I have been using Remi for about a year now and it has been life changing. My husband uses Remi as well now . Easy , affordable. The replacements every 6 months really makes a big difference.

Meredith T.

Really affordable and fit perfectly. I have been using them at night and I don’t have headaches in the morning. They’re not chunky and fit nicely.

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