5 Best Practices For At Home Teeth Whitening

It is no secret that teeth whitening is one of the most popular beauty treatments today. In fact, teeth whitening mouth guards are one of the most popular items on the market.

The mouthpiece for teeth whitening is an important part of a successful teeth whitening regimen. However, it is also important to use the correct whitening guards for optimal results. 

When it comes to teeth whitening, it is important to have a plan and follow through with the necessary steps. 

Teeth Whitening at Home

Here are five best practices for the successful implementation of using your mouthpiece for teeth whitening at home:

  1. Use a whitening guard for teeth. A whitening guard is an essential component of any teeth-whitening regimen. It helps to protect your teeth from excessive bleaching and provides a safe and effective surface for the toothpaste to work on.  
  2. Use toothpaste that is specifically designed for teeth whitening. Many toothpastes on the market are designed to whiten teeth, but some may also contain other ingredients that could harm your enamel. It is important to read the ingredients list before using them.  For example, if you are using a whitening guard, choose a toothpaste that is specifically designed for use with Whitening Guards. Do you have sensitive teeth?  Check out our article on teeth whitening for sensitive teeth.
  1. Follow the instruction manual carefully. Make sure to read the instruction manual carefully before starting your teeth whitening project. This will help you to avoid any potential problems and ensure that you achieve the best possible results. Failure to follow these directions can result in unpleasant side effects and may even damage your teeth!
  2. Practice regularly using your mouthpiece for teeth whitening. Regular use will ensure optimal results from your teeth whitening treatment. Make sure to properly clean your mouthpiece on a regular basis.
  3. Establish a good oral hygiene routine. Proper oral hygiene is essential for achieving optimal results from your at home teeth whitening treatments. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day, use fluoride toothpaste, and floss regularly. Avoid eating sugar-rich foods and drink plenty of water!

PRO TIP:  Be patient! Whitening treatments can take several weeks or even months to achieve optimal results, so be patient and stick with it!

Teeth Whitening At Home - Best Practices

What Are the Advantages of Using a Teeth Whitening Mouthguard?

The benefits of using a teeth whitening mouthguard include the following:

  1. Protection Against Dental Damage: A teeth whitening mouthguard will protect your teeth from the harmful effects of whitening agents. Whitening agents can erode the enamel on your teeth, which can lead to tooth decay and other dental problems. By using a teeth whitening mouthguard, you can protect your teeth from this damage.
  1. Increased Whiteness: When you use a teeth whitening mouthguard, you will achieve a much more consistent level of whiteness than you would if you were using whitening agents alone.
  1. Increased Comfort: A teeth whitening mouthguard will help to increase your comfort when using whitening agents. By wearing a customized teeth whitening mouthguard, you will minimize the potential for irritation and discomfort.
  1. Increased Efficiency: Using a custom fit teeth whitening mouthguard will help to increase the efficiency of your whitening process. By protecting your teeth, you will reduce the amount of time that you will spend whitening your teeth.
  1. Increased Safety: By wearing a teeth whitening mouthguard, you will increase your safety when whitening your teeth. By using a whitening tooth mouthguard, you will reduce the amount of time that you will spend whitening your teeth at home.

Using whitening guards for teeth can result in improved teeth whiteness. These five best practices can help you to successfully implement your mouthpiece for teeth whitening at home, without paying the high price of a visit to a dentist's office!  Shop Remi today for our teeth whitening kit, teeth whitening gel and night guard, and teeth whitening cleansing foam

5 best practices for teeth whitening at home

Is Teeth Whitening at home safe?

While teeth whitening is considered safe, you may experience some side effects from treatments, including teeth sensitivity and irritated gums.  That’s why with Remi, our teeth whitening gel is safe enough for sensitive teeth.

Are you looking to replace your existing mouth guard tray for teeth whitening?

Remi offers everything you need to brighten your smile.  Our at-home teeth whitening kit includes custom top and bottom whitening trays and a 3-month supply of home whitening solution (3 syringes of 10% CP gel).  You can even get new gel automaticallydelivered every 3 months for $25. Our customized trays can be worn comfortably overnight with whitening gel so you wake up with brighter looking teeth.

We understand that you have many options when it comes to ordering a custom-made whitening trays online. These are just a few of the reasons why Remi is different from all others.

Our work is not outsourced. Each custom product is handcrafted by dental professionals in our lab right here in San Francisco, CA.

We answer your calls at 1-800-234-1874. It is becoming less common to have a customer service number listed on a website. We feel it is essential that you can reach a real person.

Since 2019, Remi has been making custom night guards online. We have also delivered thousands of teeth whitening kits and other products to satisfied customers. 

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