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10 Benefits of Using a Teeth Grinding Night Guard

by Support Remi March 26, 2022 6 min read

10 Benefits of Using a Teeth Grinding Night Guard

10 Benefits of Using a Teeth Grinding Night Guard

If you suffer from grinding your teeth at night, you might have heard your medical professional tell you to get a teeth grinding night guard. Although using a night guard can be a nuisance, so many people afflicted with bruxism find that the pros of using one far outweigh the cons.

After all, you don't want to damage your teeth and jawbone by grinding them incessantly each night, do you? A night guard for grinding can help to protect your smile from the damage that bruxism can cause. In fact, not only will it help to protect your pearly whites, but it can also help to alleviate some of the pain that you might be experiencing as a result of Bruxism - grinding and clenching your teeth.

This post will explore the 10 benefits of using a teeth grinding night guard, resolve the common questions of how to stop teeth grinding, and provide an overview of what sleep Bruxism is. Don't worry; we're here to help protect your beautiful smile.

What Is Sleep Bruxism?

Put simply, sleep Bruxism is when you grind your teeth when you're unconscious. It is often related to stress or anxiety, which your body shows more in your sleep.

A fundamental problem with sleep bruxism is that it is difficult to notice. As the condition happens during sleep, people who suffer don't realize that they are grinding their teeth until they spot tooth damage or have constant headaches and toothache.

Sleep bruxism can lead to such serious damage as a sleeping person doesn't know their bite strength, so they grind their teeth tighter at night, using up to 250 pounds of force. 

What Causes Sleep Bruxism?

As many factors influence sleep bruxism, it is usually quite tricky to identify just one cause for why it happens. However, certain risk factors are associated with increased chances of developing the condition.

Stress is one of the most significant causes of sleep bruxism. Clenching your teeth when facing a negative situation is a common reaction of the human body, and that can actually be carried over into your sleep if you're stressed enough. It is also believed that anxiety is closely linked to sleep bruxism episodes.

While external factors play a huge role in sleep bruxism, the condition has a genetic component, which can run through families. In addition, people who suffer from the condition will find that a close relative will also experience sleep bruxism episodes.

The condition is also connected to:

● Changing sleep patterns.

● Cigarette smoking, drinking high volumes of alcohol and caffeine and taking drugs.

● Sleep problems include snoring, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and sleep paralysis.

● Mental health conditions such as depression and certain antidepressants.

So, while further research is needed to understand the condition better, you may want to consider getting a teeth grinding night guard to protect your teeth in the meantime. Especially if you are prone to high-stress levels, drink a lot of caffeine, and generally clench or grind your teeth during the day.

What are the Benefits of Using a Teeth Grinding Night Guard?

When you think of the benefits of a teeth-grinding night guard, you may only think of protecting the overall health of your teeth and gums, and getting a good night's rest without suffering from headaches. But, if that's the case, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are many more benefits!

Here are just 10 great benefits of using a night guard.

#1 Prevents Tooth Damage

When you unconsciously clench your teeth while sleeping, it can ultimately result in chipped or broken teeth. In addition, it can possibly damage any fillings or crowns you have and lead to sensitive teeth due to excessive enamel wear.

Wearing a night guard can stop the damage before it escalates, ultimately preventing you from breaking the bank on tooth restoration procedures and other dental treatments.

#2 Reduces Headaches

If you constantly experience headaches or wake up to throbbing temples, you might suffer from sleep bruxism. This is because the grinding and clenching of your teeth cause tension in your head from your teeth and gums. It is the common cause of people waking up with unbearable pain in their heads.

So, with the use of a nightguard, you can easily and quickly reduce or eliminate your headaches, as the pressure in your jaw and teeth will be removed by allowing your jaw to relax.

#3 Can Protect You Against TMJ Syndrome

Night Guards to Reduce Teeth Grinding


TMJ syndrome affects your jaw muscles and the temporomandibular joint that connects your jaw to your skull. By clenching and locking your jaw, you can cause tremendous discomfort and pain. And you are probably unaware that you are doing it while you sleep.

Although night guards are not the only option to help with TMJ pain, it is one of the most affordable options, all while being convenient and non-invasive. Wearing a fitted custom night guard can protect you from headaches, jaw tension, swelling of the face, and so many other symptoms of TMJ.

#4 Stops the Occurrence of Gum Recession

When you grind and clench your teeth together at night, the severe pressure put on the gums by the motion can lead to severe gum recession. And when the gums start to recede, tooth grinding can also make the teeth loose, creating deep gingival pockets where bacteria can collect.

By wearing a custom night guard, you can stop your grinding teeth from negatively impacting your mouth health while ensuring your gums stay in place.

#5 Gets Rid of Pain

With constant clenching or grinding of teeth comes constant headaches, toothaches, and tooth sensitivity. Moreover, you may find that your jaw muscles are sore or tender, and you can even experience tension in your neck and ears.

Wearing a night guard can reduce the pain and symptoms. And a custom night guard can help align your teeth, bite, and any other issues with TMJ syndrome.

#6 Gain a Healthy Sleeping Pattern

You may find that the pain from grinding your teeth wakes you up in the early morning hours, and you cannot go back to sleep due to the tension and discomfort running along your jaw and teeth.

A custom night guard will reduce stress-induced pain and relieve discomfort. Ultimately, this creates a healthy sleeping pattern, as you can have a peaceful night without ever waking up in agony.

#7 Prevents Snoring

Individuals who grind their teeth constantly at night may be prone to snore more. There is even a connection between teeth grinding, snoring, and sleep apnea.

As snoring disrupts the upper respiratory system, the brain picks up on this stress and tells the jaw muscles to compress the muscles in the throat. This constricts airflow, which can cause you to snore.

Wearing a teeth grinding night guard can help increase airflow, which helps you snore less.

#8 Saves You Money

As dental procedures and doctor's appointments are expensive in both money and time, using a night guard for grinding can save you from going through all the hassle. For $129, Remi night guards are comfortable to wear and provide you with the tools you need to have healthy teeth again. Not to mention that we are 80% cheaper than going to the dentist.

#9 Will Relieve Bruxism Symptoms

 Teeth Grinding Night Guard

If you experience morning headaches, face soreness, jaw pain, cheek and tongue abrasions, or any other symptoms of Bruxism, then you are more than likely grinding your teeth at night.


As much as the symptoms are uncomfortable, you don't need to stress about them. By wearing a night guard, you can relieve your Bruxism symptoms. The night guard absorbs some of the impacts from grinding by acting as a line of defense between your bottom and top teeth.

#10 Reduces Tension

When you suffer from Bruxism, you might feel that your jaw and neck are constantly tense. This can make your everyday life unbearable, as laughing, talking, and eating can be painful.

By wearing a night guard, you can reduce the tension you experience in your muscles, allowing you to open and close your jaw comfortably.


If you suffer from teeth grinding, you can understand just how painful it can get. However, if you have ever typed 'how to stop teeth grinding' into Google, then this blog will be a golden nugget for you. You can now reclaim your life back without fear of experiencing pain.

Are you convinced that you need to invest in a night guard? Unfortunately, we understand all too well - the pain of grinding your teeth can be so overwhelming that you can barely function. So browse our custom night guards, or invest in a Remi night guard today.

Help us, help you, and gain control of your dental health by putting a stop to your teeth grinding habits.

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