Ultrasonic Cleaner - Maintain Oral Hygiene

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Dentists recommend this Ultrasonic Cleaner to:

✓ Maintain good oral hygiene

✓ Keep your night guard, retainer, or aligner free from harmful bacteria

✓ Protect your smile from plaque buildup

✓ Reduce bad breath and promote gum health

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From smelly and gross, to a clean night guard/retainer/aligner you actually want to wear

See how millions of high-frequency nano-sized bubbles eliminate 99% of bacteria

How it works

Step 1: Fill with water

Then, plug into a wall outlet.

Step 2: Place in water

Then, turn device on.

Step 3: Secure lid

Then, wait 5 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse & use

Rinse and protect your smile.

What makes the Remi Ultrasonic Cleaner better?


Cleaning Tablets


Plaque & bacteria removal

Damages belongings (night guards, aligners, retainers, jewelry)

Automatic - no extra work

Fast & Convenient

Travel Sized

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"Perfect for maintaining good oral health"

It’s important to keep your night guard, retainer, or aligner clean from harmful bacteria, and the Remi Ultrasonic Cleaner helps you do that in just 5 minutes. I recommend the Ultrasonic Cleaner to anyone that wants to maintain good oral health.”

- Dr. Jaramillo, MD

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use it for?

Our Remi Ultrasonic Cleaner has been designed to clean dentures, aligners, retainers, night guards, sports guards, water flosser tips, removal tools, toothbrush heads, and even jewelry.

What is the Remi guarantee?

Remi is dedicated to offering items of the highest caliber, and for a period of sixty (60) days following the delivery of the Ultrasonic device, Remi will guarantee the device against manufacturing and material flaws. Simply contact us within 60 days of receiving your product with a photo and a brief description and we will provide replacement or a refund as necessary. This guarantee does not cover product damage caused by accident, tampering, misuse, or abuse. The guarantee will be void if the item is opened to reveal the electronics.

Please email us at for further assistance.

How clean will my night guards get?

The Remi Ultrasonic Cleaner kills 99% of odor-causing, bacteria and keeps night guards shiny and germ-free.

What is the Ultrasonic frequency?

45kHz to kill bacteria.

Does it have batteries?

The Remi Ultrasonic Cleaner comes with a convenient 12v wall outlet to power the device.

Can I use dental tab cleaning tablets for this or just water?

Since the Remi Ultrasonic cleaner operates with UV light, regular water will work fine, however, if you wish to use dental tabs, they will work as well.

How long does it take to clean my night guard, retainers, aligner, denture?

The ultrasonic process takes 5 minutes to complete.

Does it remove plaque from night guards, aligners, retainers, dentures?

It does remove plaque and buildup from aligners.

Will it melt my night guard, aligner, retainer, denture?

No, it only very gently warms the water, it is the UV process that cleans your dental appliance.

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"I used to dread cleaning my mouth guard everyday, but now I love it! Plus I know that it is super clean and sterilized! Very happy customer :)" -Courtney T.