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Maintain Oral Hygiene

Dentists recommend this Ultrasonic Cleaner to:

✓ Maintain good oral hygiene
✓ Keep your night guard, retainer, or aligner free from harmful bacteria
✓ Reduce bad breath and promote gum health

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Why Do I Need a Night Guard?

The perfect companion to the Ultrasonic Cleaner - Remi Night Guards are recommended by dentists to:
✓ Relieve jaw pain and headaches
✓ Protect your teeth from grinding and clenching
✓ Get a better night’s sleep

Get a comfortable Custom Night Guard that costs 80% less than the dentist, for the same dentist quality.

Your Night Guard comes with a FREE Remi Club membership: Every 6 months, get brand new replacement Night Guards for only $59. Pause, cancel, or change the delivery date anytime.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner

From smelly and gross, to a clean night guard/retainer you actually want to wear

See how millions of high-frequency nano-sized bubbles eliminate 99% of bacteria

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What makes the Remi Ultrasonic Cleaner better?


Cleaning Tablets


Plaque & bacteria removal

Damages belongings (night guards, aligners, retainers, jewelry)

Automatic - no extra work

Fast & Convenient

Travel Sized

Night Guards

What makes Remi better?

Dental office

Boil and bite

Night guards included




Price per night guard



Custom fit


10 mins at home

2 trips to the
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Frequent trips, many replacements

Easy replacements

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