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Dentists recommend this Night Guard to relieve jaw pain and headaches, protect your teeth from grinding and clenching, and get a better night’s sleep.

For a limited time, you'll get our best selling Ultrasonic Cleaner for FREE when you order a Night Guard. The Remi Ultrasonic Cleaner is recommended by dentists to maintain good oral hygiene and keep your night guard free from harmful bacteria.

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Night Guards + Ultrasonic Cleaner

Get a comfortable Custom Night Guard that costs 80% less than the dentist, for the same dentist quality.

The perfect companion to your Night Guards is our Ultrasonic Cleaner. Night Guards build up with bacteria and become cloudy over time. Put your Night Guards into the Ultrasonic Cleaner and in just 5 minutes, your Night Guards will be clean and fresh again.

Your Night Guard comes with a FREE Remi Club membership: Every 6 months, get brand new replacement Night Guards for only $59. Pause, cancel, or change the delivery date anytime.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner

From smelly and gross, to a clean night guard/retainer you actually want to wear

See how millions of high-frequency nano-sized bubbles eliminate 99% of bacteria

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What makes the Remi Ultrasonic Cleaner better?


Cleaning Tablets


Plaque & bacteria removal

Damages belongings (night guards, aligners, retainers, jewelry)

Automatic - no extra work

Fast & Convenient

Travel Sized

Night Guards

What makes Remi better?

Dental office

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Night guards included




Price per night guard



Custom fit


10 mins at home

2 trips to the
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